About MAYA

We are a building design consultancy that provides architectural design and drafting services to all our clients.

We are specialized in Residential Design, particularly in producing innovative concept designs insuring that our projects are designed as per the latest technological advancements when it comes to the building structure, air quality and energy efficiency. We are also proficient in acquiring Development Approval and Building Licenses.

Our activities and expertise encompass a holistic architectural design approach when designing a new home or improving the existing one.

We provide a high performance architectural house design with focus to personal development as a center for abundance, wealth and happiness to all our projects.
A house where we spend 90% of our time should never be just a product available for sale, but a sanctuary with a potential of offering numerous universal truths to its residents daily. The whole universe is made based on balance, and Western science as well as the Eastern philosophy support that. A well designed home should serves as a stage on which the lives of people unfold in health and abundance. Its design and construction are environmentally friendly and energetically balanced, while providing enough energy resources to support the Earth recovering as a result of a lacking awareness in past decades.

Please review our design packages and how we can assist you:


  1. Home as a sustainable sanctuary
  2. Size matters/Comfortable home
  3. Air Quality/ Fresh air
  4. Terminal insulation/Cooling demand
  5. Triple plane windows
  6. Air Leakages/ Airtight envelope
  7. Personal and orientation of the house
  8. Secret geometry/proportion
  9. Gratitude corner/Clean energy corner
  10. Heart Relaxation Space


The consultancy has both domestic and international experience and history of satisfied clients. We apply these fundamentals across the following project services:

1. Holistic Architectural Design
a) Home Extensions/Renovation Design
b) Passive Home Designs
c) New Built Home Designs
2. Design Documentation for Council Approval
a) Home Extensions/Renovation
b) Passive Homes
c) New Built Homes

3. Project Coordination with third parties consultants, local government, builders

4. Consultancy
a) Free E-book/ Community Events
b) Home improvement
c) Workshops

5. Art of Living Design Coaching
a) One to one coaching