Granny Flat Willetton, Perth, WA



This project consisted of creating a modern granny flat as an addition to the existing house in the Willetton area of Perth, WA. The plot had restrictions in terms of its distance from the road, sewage system and plot borders. It was necessary to fit it into 70 m2, typically used by two people. Therefore, the location and size of the building footprint were predetermined and I worked within these parameters.

This structure was planned to be built in double brick with 50mm cavity between. It is functional and adequate for students’ use and creates an inspirational space for studying with a garden integrated with the living and dinning areas.

As you can see in the drawing below, the living area, dining area and kitchen are connected with the garden since they are envisaged to be frequently used together.

The development application, as well as the building permit, were approved in 2 months’ time.

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