New Residence_ Spearwood, Perth, WA

3D / Design / Drafting



The project task was to design a four-bedroom single-story house in Spearwood, WA with a separate lounge area at the house front. As social life was of extreme importance for the house owners, the main façade design reflected their wish to socialize,whereas the repetitive pilasters on the façade formed an inviting house front which turned out to be the leitmotiv of the house design.

An open space kitchen interacting with the living room was designed to allow a direct communication during the main family activities, cooking and resting. The central house area, with an extended alfresco area and integrated BBQ, was designed for dinning. Specific requirements included the laundry position which needed to be placed next to the garage as the nature of the owner’s job required him to change his clothes before entering the living area.

Design was completed in two months’ time, and the house is to be built by July 2016.









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