Villa Design_ Kampala

Design / Drafting



The project task was to create a modern home in Uganda for an Australian client. It needed to maximize the use of the limited block size as it was planned to be built between two-meter high perimeter walls. This meant that the size of the building footprint was set equally with the plot,so I worked within these tight constraints.


The design deploys conventional building practices and methods. It is functional and adequate for a family, and yet it creates an inspirational living space. This design was selected out of 9 different proposals that the client had sought in order to find the best solution.


As you can see in the drawing below, the open living area is at the ground level and it create as a connection with the alfresco area – both designed to be frequently used together.


The house includes the following facilities:




Design Option 1Design Option 2Design Option 3Floor Plans Elevations Sections Sections Electrical and lighting plan  Celling Plan Door/ Window Schedule Structural


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